HOZIER | Dinner & Diatribes

Directed by Anthony Byrne
Ruth Crawford | Production Design


Directed by John Strickland and Susan Tully
Stephen Murphy | Director of Photography

BARCLAYCARD | Upside Down House

Directed by Jeff Low
Dan Holland | Director of Photography


Directed by Jim O'Hanlon
Mattias Nyberg | Director of Photography

MONT BLANC | Explorer

Directed by John Balsom
James Henry | Director of Photography

NIKE | We Have Always Done It

Directed by Eloise King
Amelia Hazlerigg | Director of Photography



Fast & Dirty: Björn Charpentier, SBC / BEIRUT

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“I proposed to Brad to shoot on anamorphic in a complete handheld style together with some zoom shots like they did a lot in the ‘70s,” remarks [cinematographer BJÖRN CHARPENTIER, SBC]. “It felt right because the main character Mason Skiles is a total mess and I wanted to make him a ghost when he comes back for the first time to Beirut; we played with reflections to make Skiles more transparent and kept him in the shadows. When he is in the U.S. I even painted the light bulbs blue to make everything cold around him.”

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