PALE WAVES | Heavenly

Directed by Adam Powell
Edward Gibbs | Director of Photography

PLUR GENOCIDE feat. Lockdown
Carnage & Steve Aoki

Directed by The Sacred Egg
Benjamin Todd | Director of Photography

BLUE LAB BEATS | Pineapple

Directed by Jon E. Price
Joel Honeywell | Director of Photography

SKY VEGAS | King of Unexpected

Directed by Oscar Cariss
Dan Holland | Director of Photography


Directed by Nathan Pan
Callan Green, ACS | Director of Photography



Audi Launches Festive R8 Campaign

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The film – shot on a frozen lake in northern Scandinavia [by cinematographer BERND WONDOLLEK] – captures the power, speed and elegance of the R8, demonstrating its ‘snow’ mode – a surprise to most. Its ability to perform in all weather is reinforced by the tagline: “The Audi R8 with snow mode. Yes, it really does have a snow mode”.

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Award-Winning Cinematographer Jomo Fray on short film ‘haunt’ and the future of VR

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JOMO FRAY“As a traditional cinematographer, I’d say that first learning about cinematography as a language and an art form was like learning to breathe for the first time. I could be seen and felt by an audience in ways that language can’t . I believe there is such a communication wall for hot-button topics like racism and patriarchy and with images, I was able to convey that more clearly. What’s so exciting about VR as a cinematographer is that VR has such a presence about it. Even the perception of the audience, VR provides a space where we’re able to create new emotions and to build new visual language. I believe that it creates another level of empathy beyond 2-dimensional mediums. “

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