From playing the guitar in an indie rock band to leading the visual approach to one of Facebook’s latest campaigns, Thomas Revington is no stranger to both sides of the camera.

Like many cinematographers, South African-born Thomas Revington’s passion for his craft stems from his childhood, where he grew up with a camera practically glued to his hand. “I had this obsession over taking photos, which quickly developed into moving pictures and film – I really loved it,” recalls the rocker-turned-DP, speaking from his new base in Los Angeles.

Revington studied Film and Television at Johannesburg’s prestigious Wits University, but it was an extracurricular pursuit that catalysed his cinematography career: joining indie rockers Shortstraw. In their new addition, the band found themselves not only a talented guitarist, but a ready-made videographer who would go on to document their international tours and capture their music videos. “We’d do the videos together and all pitch in, but that’s how it all started,” he explains. “It was kind of strange, but I really liked being behind the camera: it was a cool way to experience life and capture it.”

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