Cinematographer Sunshine Hsien Yu Niu opted for a handheld approach for her NFTS graduate film, Rock, Paper, Scissors, based on a true story.

Rock, Paper, Scissors follows a father and son who run a makeshift hospital on the front line. They face a tough decision when a platoon of Russian soldiers approach their building and must find a way to protect both their patients and themselves.

“Influenced predominantly by Asian cinema while growing up, I was hugely inspired by Chung-hoon Chung ASC (DP of OldboyLady VengeanceStoker) and Christopher Doyle HKSC. It’s how they make the audience feel, smell and experience the story as if you are right next to the character in the movies. Their use of visual language, lens choices, camera movement, colour, and the shape of light to trigger the memory of the common experiences of the viewer and bring them into the movie journey from the beginning to the end deeply fascinated me.”

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